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"Come on, all of you . . . I'll drag the werewolf."
-- Snape, after binding Lupin in the Shrieking Shack (PA19)

Magical Ropes

Sends out magical ropes from a wand which tie up someone firmly.


References from the canon

  • Quirrell created ropes out of thin air to bind Harry in the Chamber of the Stone. Then he clapped his hands and the ropes fell away (PS17).
  • Snape used this spell to tie up Lupin. When he did it, there was a loud bang (PA19).
  • Wormtail conjured tight cords to bind Harry to the headstone of Voldemort's father (GF32)
  • Dumbledore used magic ropes from his wand to bind Barty Crouch Jr. (GF36)
  • A similar enchantment is used on the chained chair in the Court of Magical Law. When a prisoner sits in that chair, the chains glow gold and encircle the person's arms, binding them to the chair (GF30, OP8, DH13)



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