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Brachiabindo is the incantation for a binding spell used to restrain someone with ropes.

References from the canon

  • Used by Harry to bind Draco as they duelled after Harry suggested that Scorpius was the son of Voldemort (CC2.13). Draco used the counterspell incantation "Emancipare" to free himself.
  • Cedric Diggory used the spell to bind Delphi in the Maze of the Triwizard Tournament during the Third Task when Albus Severus and Scorpius went back in time to 1995 (CC3.20).
  • Used by Hermione to bind Delphi at St. Jerome's Church when they went back into time to Halloween night 1981 (CC4.11).



From Latin "bracchium" meaning "arms" + "bindo" from Old English "bind" meaning to wrap with bandages, chains, or ropes

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