"Voldemort will return and the Augurey will sit at his side."
-- Delphi (CC3.19)

The Augurey

Title given to Delphi, the daughter of Lord Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestrange, in an alternate-reality timeline visited by Scorpius Malfoy using a Time-Turner (CC3.3, CC3.16).

  • An Augurey is a vulture-like bird whose mournful cry supposedly foreshadows death (FB).
  • Delphi grew up in the home of Euphemia Rowle, who kept an Augurey in a cage, and she has a tattoo of the ominous bird on the back of her neck (CC3.16)



Latin "augur" = a religious official in ancient Rome who foretold events by interpreting omens

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