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Let's admit it: sometimes it seems that Harry is something of a bumbler in the early books. He fails to ask the most obvious questions of the adults around him. He barely manages his schoolwork and doesn't seem to be able to write an essay without relying on Hermione. And he comes up with lame excuses for not telling Dumbledore what he knows, which usually compounds the problem. It's as if he's wandering around in a daze most of the time. Of course, when you remember that he's only eleven when he starts Hogwarts, it does make sense. Think about the eleven-year-old boys you know. They're probably not that different. There are those moments, however, when Harry's true strength and inherent talent shines through, even in the early books. Three such moments occur one right after the other in Goblet of Fire chapter 9 as the trio escape the chaos at the campsite by running into the woods. Read More
• Event At 11 am, the Hogwarts Express departs King’s Cross Station. Ginny introduces Harry and Neville to Luna Lovegood (OP10). After the train arrives at Hogwarts, Harry sees Thestrals for the first time (OP10). At the feast, the Sorting Hat sings a song of warning, and Dolores Umbridge is introduced (OP11). Read More
• Event Harry and Hermione, in disguise as an elderly Muggle couple, encounter who they think is Bathilda Bagshot in Godric’s Hollow on Christmas Eve. They follow her to her house, where she is revealed to be Nagini. In the ensuing battle, Hermione’s quick thinking saves the day, but Harry’s wand is… Read More
• Event Cornelius Fudge takes a Dementor with him into Hogwarts as protection. When the Dementor gets near to Barty Crouch Jr., it attacks and administers the Kiss. Fudge sees no great loss, but Dumbledore realizes this means they have no proof that Voldemort has returned. This moment is the beginning of… Read More
• Event Draco challenges Harry to a duel the evening of their first flying lesson. Draco suggests midnight in the Trophy Room. In reality, Draco is setting Harry up to be caught out of bed after hours and has no intention of dueling anyone. Harry, with Ron in tow as his second,… Read More
• Trivia Ron tells us that “… when I was three, Fred turned my teddy bear into a great big filthy spider because I broke his toy broomstick …” That means that Fred Weasley at age five was able to transfigure a teddy bear into a live spider (CS9). Clever boy! At age… Read More
• Books and Literature A book written by American vampire Amarillo Lestoat. So boring that the reader will fall into a stupor, rendering them easier prey for the vampire (FW). Read More
• Creature A breed of winged horse; the Abraxan is a gigantic, extremely powerful Palomino (FB). Read More
• Creature A gigantic black spider (legspan may reach up to 15 feet) with a poisonous bite, the Acromantula is an anomaly in the beast / being classification system. While capable of human speech, the Acromantula is classified as a beast rather than a being due to its violent tendencies. Read More
• Character A wizard who lodged a complaint with the International Confederation of Wizards about the Uagadou School Animagi Team. Their performance of “synchronized transforming” astounded the crowd attending an International Symposium of Animagi (Pm: Uagadou). Many older wizards, including Mr. Tutley, “felt threatened by fourteen-year-olds who could turn at will into elephants… Read More
• Character A short witch who owns an eel farm. At the 1994 Quiddtch World Cup, Agatha bets half shares in her eel farm on a week-long match (GF7). Read More
• Character Fifth Minister for Magic, in office 1747-1752. Couldn’t handle a goblin rebellion and resigned (Pm). Read More
• Creature A dog with an exceptional sense of smell and tracking ability that is also suffering from albinism, resulting in pure white fur, pale skin and pink eyes. Read More
• Creature Also known as White peacocks, they are similar in size and behavior to Indian Blue peacocks.    … Read More
• Character Foul-smelling goblin nuisance. Well known throughout the goblin world for trying to sell vials of his sweat to a Dungbomb manufacturer (FW). Read More
• Character Famous for conquering the river troll that was terrorizing crossers of the Wye River (fw41). Read More
• Character Flamboyant american vampire. Author of A Vampire’s Monologue – intended to bore the reader into a stupor making him/her easier prey for vampires. Read More