Annis Black

"I am deeply hurt at your false and vicious assertion that I am nothing but a flesh-eating monster."
-- Annis Black (DP1)

Annis Black was a hag whose letter is published in the Daily Prophet (DP1).

Ms Black feels that Daily Prophet articles falsely misrepresent hags as "horrible creatures". Her letter states that her own interests run to poetry, crochet and gardening. She also offers baby-sitting services (DP1).



Annis is the medieval form of Agnes (Greek ‘Αγνη (Hagne), derived from ‘αγνος (hagnos) meaning "chaste") (Behind the Name).

She is likely to be named for an English folklore character called Black Annis, who is said to have a taste for children....


Ms Black is certainly not likely to be someone you would trust to babysit your young witch or wizard child, in spite of her letter!

While the date printed on DP1 is 31 July 1998, the timeframe for these events is 1992-1993.

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More information about Black Annis: http://www.whitedragon.org.uk/articles/blackann.htm

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