• Event The Quidditch World Cup 1998 tournament was notable for the heightened security measures put in place because of the chaos following the appearance of the Dark Mark at the 1994 Quidditch World Cup. It was also only the second all-Africa final, between Senegal and Malawi (QWC). The other newsworthy event of… Read More
• Event A late edition of Evening Prophet reported that the ICWQC enquiry had determined that Jamaican Keeper Kquewanda Bailey was suffering from an infected Sasabonsam bite (which she had sustained during the Opening Ceremony riot). The USA was therefore deemed to have won the match by 240… Read More
• Event Fans of Hans the Augurey were relieved to hear that the Liechtenstein team’s mascot had been safely returned after an international incident caused by American Quidditch fans kidnapping him after their surprise win the previous day. MACUSA President Samuel G. Quahog, and the Liechtenstein Minister for Magic, Otto Obermeier,… Read More
• Event A special edition of the Evening Prophet reported that, following the earlier United States victory over their team in their quarter-final match at the 2014 Quidditch World Cup, Liechtenstein’s mascot Hans the Augurey had been kidnapped by over-enthusiastic American Quidditch fans. Feelings were running high in… Read More
• Event In the article headlined “Disastrous Opening Ceremony Leads to Questions about Quidditch World Cup Security”, the Daily Prophet covered the riot and disaster that took place during the 2014 Opening Ceremony before the Quidditch World Cup tournament’s matches started. The article documents both the excuses and finger-pointing… Read More
• Creature Quintapeds  are highly dangerous carnivores covered in thick reddish-brown hair, having five clubfooted legs and a low-slung body. They have a particular taste for humans. Quintapeds are found only on the Isle of Drear off the north tip of Scotland. There is a fascinating legend about the… Read More
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When exactly did Professor Quirrell’s year-long trip around the world take place? The popular fan assumption is that it immediately preceded the year of Philosopher’s/Sorcerer’s Stone. I do not think this is correct. In PS5, after Harry meets Quirrell while buying his school supplies and asks if he is always that… Read More
• Character Quirinus Quirrel was a young wizard with a “brilliant mind,” was a professor of Muggle Studies, and later of Defence Against the Dark Arts, at Hogwarts (PS5, BLC). In between holding these two posts he took a year off to gain experience dealing with Dark Arts… Read More
• Character A Chinese dragonologist, Quong Po studied Liondragons (Chinese Fireballs) and discovered the uses of their powdered eggs (FW). Read More