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Quidditch World Cup 1998

Quidditch World Cup 1998

The Quidditch World Cup 1998 tournament was notable for the heightened security measures put in place because of the chaos following the appearance of the Dark Mark at the 1994 Quidditch World Cup. It was also only the second all-Africa final, between Senegal and Malawi (QWC).

The other newsworthy event of this tournament was the arrest of the Senegalese team mascots. The equivalent of an African house-elf, the Yumbos retaliated by appropriating all the food within a ten-mile radius before conveniently disappearing (QWC).

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Quidditch World Cup tournaments take place over several months, with the final match falling in July (as in 2014, QWC) or August (as in 1994, GF8).



The enhanced security at this Quidditch World Cup is also likely to have been deemed necessary due to the recent defeat a few months previously of Lord Voldemort. Such a large profile event could have provided opportunities for revenge by any supporters of the Dark Lord then still at large.

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