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Quidditch Team Mascots

"A display from the team mascots will precede the match."
"Oh that's always worth watching. National teams bring creatures from their native land, you know, to put on a bit of a show."
-- Hermione Granger and Mr Weasley (GF8)

"A magnificent exhibition of the diversity of the magizoological world"
-- description of the mascot-themed opening ceremony of the 2014 Quidditch World Cup - before the bloodbath (Pm)

Quidditch Team Mascots

Quidditch team mascots are a traditional part of the game of Quidditch.

At Quidditch World Cup tournaments, team mascots put on a display prior to the final match (GF8, Pm). An attempt to have a display of mascots from all the participants at the 2014 Quidditch World Cup resulted in a disastrous bloodbath (Pm).

The competition between teams to bring exciting and/or dangerous mascots is intense. In 1995, the ICWQC put forward a motion to restrict the size and address safety concerns about mascots. However, this was defeated by a huge majority. No Quidditch supporters worldwide wanted this traditional part of the game to be altered (Pm).

Known team mascots:

  • augurey – Liechtenstein National Team mascot 2014 is “Hans the Augurey”, who was famously abducted by some American team supporters (Pm)
  • bat – Ballycastle Bats have the Butterbeer icon “Barny the Fruitbat” as their mascot (QA7)
  • curupira – Brazilian National Team mascot 2014, whose antics delighted the crowd (Pm)
  • dragon – the Banchory Bangers tried to capture a Hebridean Black for their team mascot (QA5)
  • dukuwaqa – Fiji National Team mascot 2014 and contributor to the disaster of the Opening Ceremony (Pm)
  • hoo-hoo – Japanese National Team mascot 2014 (Pm)
  • inferi – Haiti National Team mascots 2014 and contributor to the disaster of the Opening Ceremony (Pm)
  • leprechauns – Ireland National Team mascots 1994 (GF8) and the mascot of the Kenmare Kestrels (QA7)
  • magpie – the mascot of the Montrose Magpies (QA7)
  • phoenix – Moutohora Macaws team mascot (New Zealand) is named “Sparky” (QA8)
  • river genie – Ivory Coast National Team mascot 2014, whose speciality is formation dancing over water (Pm)
  • sasabonsams – Nigerian National Team mascots 2014 and contributor to the disaster of the Opening Ceremony (Pm)
  • selma – Norwegian National Team mascot 2014 and contributor to the disaster of the Opening Ceremony (Pm)
  • troop of performing trolls – Norwegian National Team mascot prior to 2014 (Pm)
  • veela – Bulgarian National Team mascots 1994 and 2014, who are both beautiful and terrifying (GF8Pm)
  • yumbo – Senegal National Team mascots 1998, whose arrest almost caused their team to withdraw from the tournament (Pm)

The Hogwarts School team mascots are the badger (Hufflepuff), the lion (Gryffindor), the eagle (Ravenclaw) and the snake (Slytherin).


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