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Quidditch Teams of Asia and Oceania

Quidditch Teams of Asia and Oceania

The Quidditch teams of Asia and Oceania are extremely skilled, and many of the region’s national teams have been participants in the Quidditch World Cup.

The game of Quidditch was introduced to New Zealand in the seventeenth century and to Australia in the eighteenth century. In the Far East and Asia, flying carpets had previously been more popular than brooms, so broom sports like Quidditch were slow to catch on. The stellar exception is Japan, where it is believed that some Hogwarts students (attempting a ill-judged round the world trip on brooms) brought Quidditch into the country when they were rescued by teachers from the Mahoutokoro Wizarding School.


Thundelarra Thunderers

Woollongong Warriors


Mahoutokoro School Quidditch teams

Toyohashi Tengu

New Zealand

Moutohora Macaws

National teams




Egypt (also considered part of Africa)



New Zealand


Turkey (also considered part of Europe)



It is very likely that most of the schools in the Asia and Oceania area also field Quidditch teams, as the training and competition is essential to winning tournaments, although there are no specific references to school Quidditch teams or any such tournaments:

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