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Mahoutokoro Wizarding School

"As our competitors ascend to the second stage of the championship, our Japanese champion from Mahoutokoro still leads the group." (BoP)

Mahoutokoro Wizarding School

Mahoutokoro Wizarding School is an ancient wizarding school located on an island off Japan. Constructed of jade and located on the top of a volcano on the uninhabited island of Minami Iwo Jima, the only known wizarding school located in Japan has both day and boarding students. The day students ride giant storm petrels to the school every morning (WSch).

When they start, the students are given pink robes, which change to gold as their wizarding skill increases. Use of the Dark Arts or violations of the Statute of Secrecy cause the robes to turn white – something that is considered disgraceful and lead to a prosecution by the Japanese Ministry of Magic (WSch).

Wands made from cherry wood are held in high esteem (Wand).

Mahoutokoro is also a grueling training ground for Quidditch due to having to fly surrounded by stormy high seas and also the need to keep out of the sight of a nearby Muggle military base. All of the members of the Japanese National Quidditch Team learned Quidditch at the school and attribute their endurance and skill to this training (WSch).



MahoutokoroThe image of the school seen on Pottermore shows a tall Japanese-style edifice.

This school is first mentioned in the Book of Potions videogame, produced by Sony from information provided by J K Rowling (BoP).

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