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Toyohashi Tengu

Toyohashi Tengu

The Toyohashi Tengu are a Quidditch team from Japan.

Although Quidditch has not yet caught on with wizarding communities in the Far East, one of the notable exceptions is the the Toyohashi Tengu, a popular and successful Japanese team (QA8).

In 1994, the team narrowly lost to the Gorodok Gargoyles of Lithuania. It is not stated whether the Tengu team ceremonially burned their broomsticks after this match – a practice which has been discouraged by the International Confederation of Wizards’ Quidditch Committee as being extremely wasteful (QA8).

The Tengu are the winners of the Champion’s League (as of 2016). Members of the 2016 team attribute their skill to the gruelling training regime in place during their student days at the Mahoutokoro wizarding school (Pm).



Tengu means "heavenly dog" in Japanese - and is both a legendary folk religion creature and a type of Shinto god/supernatural being (Wikipedia).


Toyohashi, a city in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, has a professional basketball team, the Hamamatsu Higashimikawa Phoenix, but no Quidditch team is listed in its Wikipedia entry (Wikipedia).

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