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Transylvania National Team

"[England] ....went down to Transylvania, three hundred and ninety to ten. Shocking performance."
-- Charlie Weasley (GF5)

Transylvania National Team

The national teams of the Eastern European country of Transylvania.


  • The first Quidditch World Cup final was held in 1473 between Transylvania and Flanders (QA8Pm).
    • It was also notorious for having been extremely violent and officials recorded 700 known types of fouls during the match, including the release of flocks of vampire bats by the Transylvanian Captain (QA8).
    • The Transylvanian Tackle move - a fake punch to the face of an opponent - also had its debut during this match (QA10).
  • A notice appeared in the Match Information section of the Daily Prophet that the Department of Magical Games and Sports were selling tickets for a friendly match between the Scottish National Team and Transylvania's second team (DP2).
  • During the qualifying rounds in the run-up to the 1994 Quidditch World Cup, the England side lost to Transylvania by an embarrassing score of 390 points to England's mere 10 (GF5).



The country of Transylvania is now a part of Romania, although they field separate teams from the Romanian National Team.

There are not any Quidditch or other wizarding sports teams mentioned on Transylvania's Wikipedia entry (Wikipedia: Transylvania), although Quidditch is acknowledged in the section on "books" (https://Wikipedia: Transylvania in popular culture).

Although the date printed on the Daily Prophet Newsletter DP2 is 8 February 1999, the timeframe for that event is 1992-1993.

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