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Quidditch Today

- Chapter 10
QA10: Quidditch Today

Many of the modern (and more difficult) Quidditch moves are discussed.

Interesting facts and notes

Much of the Lexicon's information on the names of specific Quidditch moves came from this chapter.

Sloth Grip Roll

So named because a player executing this manoeuvre is in the same posture as a sloth hanging from a tree branch.

Wronski Defensive Feint

We have seen this dangerous Seeker move three times. The first was at the final of the 1994 Quidditch World Cup. Viktor Krum of Bulgaria's high speed Wronski Feint fools the Irish Seeker Aidan Lynch into thinking that Krum has seen the Snitch. Lynch requires medical help after he crashes into the pitch (GF8).

Harry later uses a very similar dive against the Hungarian Horntail dragon during the first task of the Triwizard Tournament in order to retrieve the Golden Egg (GF20).

During the Wales vs Germany match at the Quidditch World Cup of 2014, the German Seeker Thorsten Pfeffer suffered a serious bone-breaking crash trying to feint Welsh Seeker Cadwallader (QWC).

Memorable lines

Plumpton Pass.... seemingly careless swerve that scoops the Snitch up one's sleeve.... Although some critics have alleged that this was an accident, Plumpton maintained until his death that he had meant to do it.

The Starfish Without Stick should never be attempted.

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