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Magic is Might

- Chapter 12

"Raining...in your office? That's - that's not good, is it? -- Ron Weasley (as Reg Cattermole)

DH12: Magic is Might

After weeks of planning, HRH ambush three Ministry workers, assume their identities, and sneak into Ministry headquarters. To their horror, they learn that Ron has taken the identity of a man whose wife is about to be interrogated about her blood status, and who faces a sentence in Azkaban for being a Muggle-born with a wand.

Calendar and Dates

Continues from previous chapter, so begins on 5 August. Most of the action occurs on 2 September.

Interesting facts and notes

Alecto Carrow will take over the post while her brother, Amycus
So now we have confirmation of the identity of the Carrows.

And who are these Carrows?
Harry encountered them during the battle of the Tower less than three months ago, but Ron wasn't with him at the time.

a small card that identified their victim as an assistant in the Improper Use of Magic Office
Nice bit of irony there. I'm surprised Harry didn't mention that he recognized the name from the letters she had sent him on previous occasions.

Previously a golden fountain had filled the center of the hall
There's a nice bit of symbolism for you - the statue previously represented all the official magical races (witch, wizard, centaur, goblin, and house-elf) and was smashed during the duel between Dumbledore and Voldemort.

You realize that I am on my way downstairs to interrogate your wife, Cattermole?
That is a very nasty unintended consequence of ambushing poor Cattermole, who has nothing to do with anything. He's no longer going to be able to be present to support his wife today. No wonder he fought so hard to try to go in to work.

Memorable lines

"Blooming pain in the bum, this, eh? Forcing us all to get to work this way! Who are they expecting to turn up, Harry Potter?"

"'What am I going to do?' Ron asked the other two at once; he looked stricken. 'If I don't turn up, my wife - I mean, Cattermole's wife -'"

Words and phrases

Characters Introduced

DH 12 — Magic is Might
Abbreviation DH12: Magic is Might
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