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Department of Magical Law Enforcement

"Bored by routine wand-work? Looking for more thrills? The Magical Law Enforcement Squad would like to hear from you!"

--recruitment advertisement in the Daily Prophet (DP2)

A department in the Ministry of Magic, which is the wizarding equivalent of both the Muggle police force and the judiciary

Minister for Magic from 1707-1718, Ulick Gamp's greatest legacy was to found the Department of Magical Law Enforcement (Pm)

It is the largest of the Departments in the Ministry of Magic and all others more or less answer to it (except the Department of Mysteries) (FB).

  • Pilliwickle, Justus (c. 1950) (fw67)
  • Barty Crouch Sr. c. 1970 (GF27)
  • Amelia Bones until July 1996
  • Pius Thicknesse (until promoted to Minister of Magic in August 1997) (DH11)

Other Personnel:

  • Aurors, past and present
  • members of the Wizengamot, past and present
  • Barty Crouch senior was head of this department during the Voldemort years (GF27)
  • Dolores Umbridge worked in various sections of the department before becoming Head of the Muggle-born Registration Commission (Pm)
  • Mafalda Hopkirk, assistant in the Improper Use of Magic Office (CS2)
  • Perkins (CS3, etc) the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office
  • Arthur Weasley, head of the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office (CS3, etc) until July 1996
  • Bob Ogden, head of the Magical Law Enforcement Squad c. 1920s (HBP10)
  • Alastair Gumboil, who handles applications for Hit-Witches and Hit-Wizards from room 919 (DP2)
  • Arnie Peasegood, a Hit-Wizard and Obliviator (DP3, GF7)
  • Dempster Wiggleworth, who also writes for the Daily Prophet (DP3)
  • Rufus Scrimgeour, Head of the Auror office, before becoming Minister of Magic (HBP3)
  • Minerva McGonagall, before becoming a teacher at Hogwarts (Pm)
  • Hermione Granger, who rose to position of Deputy Head of the Department after leaving Hogwarts (Pm:QWC)

Main Offices: level two of Ministry of Magic Headquarters (OP7), with courtrooms of on level ten


Improper Use of Magic Office

  • sends warning letters when they detect underage magic (CS2, OP2)

  • keeps the Animagus register (GF26)
  • headed by Dolores Umbridge during her rise through the department, she having originally started there as an intern (Pm)

Magical Law Enforcement Squad

  • headed by Bob Ogden in the early 20th century (HBP10)
  • employs Hit Wizards to handle dangerous criminals (PA10)
  • should be called upon if you suspect that someone you know is acting under the Imperius Curse (HBP3)
  • Alastor Gumboil (from room 919 at the Ministry) handled applications for employment as a Hit Wizard (DP2)
  • made arrests resulting from goblin riots (DP3) and arrests after a violent Quidditch match (DP4)
  • handled security at the same Quidditch match and protected Quidditch team players when the riot that got out of hand (DP4).

Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office

  • keeps enchanted items out of the hands of Muggles
  • participates in raids to keep Dark Magic items out of circulation
  • creates new laws and regulations which can sometimes be a bit annoying for Wizarding folks (Pm)

Office for the Detection and Confiscation of Counterfeit Defensive Spells and Protective Objects

Head: Arthur Weasley with a staff of ten

office created by incoming Minister of Magic Scrimgeour July 1996 in response to the influx of counterfeit objects beginning to be sold to supposedly protect people

Wizengamot and Wizengamot Administration Services

Council of Magical Law

The high Wizard court of law, held in a dungeon; the accused is magically bound to a chair in the center of the room. A jury sits on the right of the prosecutor who states the case against the accused and eventually asks for a verdict. The courtrooms are located on the tenth level of the Ministry of Magic; during the Voldemort years, prisoners are escorted and guarded by groups of Dementors (GF30). The members of the Wizengamot, of which there are about fifty, wear plum-covered robes with elaborate silver initials on them (the letter 'W').



While the date printed on DP1 is 31 July 1998, DP2: 8 February 1999, DP3: 1 June 1999 and DP4: 1 October 1999, the timeframe for these events is 1992-1993.

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