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Classified Advertisements

"Crazy young sorceress seeks whacky wizard for weekend fun, Muggle baiting and broomstick races. OWL BOX 4271"
-- Lonely Hearts (DP2)

"Collected works of Gilderoy Lockhart. Will part exchange for large jar of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans. OWL BOX 8487"
-- For Sale (DP2)

Classified Advertisements

Classified Advertisements is a regular page appearing in the Daily Prophet, of great utility to the wizarding community (DP2).

This section includes columns listing recruitment opportunities, items for sale, dating/Lonely Hearts and family announcements. The listing on Page 2 of the Prophet included:


“Hit-witch or wizard” for the Magical Law Enforcement Squad

Assistant Manager at Flourish & Blotts

Junior Potions Mixer at Madam Primpernelle’s salon

Dragon Feeders for Gringotts Bank

Office Worker for the Society for the Tolerance of Vampires

For Sale

Broomstick, Shooting Star

Broomstick, Silver Arrow

Secondhand cauldrons

Chudley Cannon memorabilia – fan making “clean break”

Collected works of Gilderoy Lockhart

Hothouse herbs – bouquets of henbane and belladonna, potted mandrakes

Muggle “batteries” collection – being sold by A. Weasley

Muggle Guards – device shrieks when touched by a Muggle

Secondhand Quidditch balls

Lonely Hearts

Shy sorcerer seeks wicked witch

Warlock into Transfiguration seeks like-minded witch

Quiet witch seeks non-bat owning wizard

Crazy sorceress seeks wacky wizard


Egmont Elvert Hobday – a son for Violetta and Hilliard

Griselda Harmonia Jorkins – a daughter for Primrose and Albert, and sister for Grimwold and Granville


Demetrius J Prod

Barnabus Blenkinsop

Transfiguration Today magazine



Someone called "A Weasley" is selling his large collection of batteries - probably at the insistence of his wife, M Weasley....

Although the date printed on the second Daily Prophet Newsletter (DP2) is 8 February 1999, the timeframe for this event is 1992-1993.

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