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Why Dustbins Weren’t Meant to Kick

Why Dustbins Weren’t Meant to Kick

Why Dustbins Weren’t Meant to Kick is an article appearing in the Daily Prophet (DP1).

Published in the Prophet on 28 June, Ethelbald Mordaunt refers to this article in his “Star Letter” of 31 July. He commended the paper for pointing out the unpleasant consequences of those types of practical joke and was planning to share the article with his next-door neighbour (DP1).



A dustbin is a British word, equivalent to US trashcan or garbage can. Dustbins are picked up by the "dustmen" (Oxford English Dictionary).


Why would you expect dustbins to DO anything other than contain rubbish?

Although the date printed on the first Daily Prophet Newsletter (DP1) is 31 July 1998, the timeframe for this event is 1992-1993.

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