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Faulty Wands Recalled

"Anyone who has purchased a wand from Wagstaff is advised to turn it in immediately, before it explodes."

-- an unnamed Ministry of Magic spokesperson from the Department of Magical Equipment Control (DP1)

News article appearing on page 1 of the Daily Prophet. (DP1)

The Department of Magical Equipment Control issued a warning about defective wands being sold in Diagon Alley by "Honest Willy Wagstaff", who is also suspected of selling sub-standard cauldrons to the public. (DP1)

The wizarding community are told that they should only buy wands bearing the Department's stamp, as they are guaranteed to be safe. (DP1).



While the date printed on DP1 is 31 July 1998, the timeframe for these events is 1992-1993.

The Department of Magical Equipment Control is not one of those mentioned in the later books that set out the organisation of the Ministry of Magic departments. Would the stamping authority have extended to the wands that Mr Ollivander stocks in his shop in Diagon Alley? None of the wands described there or later mention a visible Ministry stamp.

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