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Enquiry at the Improper Use of Magic Office

"Seems it happens all the time. Took the Muggles an hour and a half to realise the train had vanished into thin air."

-- Ministry of Magic source (DP2)

Headline article in the Daily Prophet, recording abuse of unsuspecting Muggle commuters (DP2)

The disappearance of a Muggle "tube train" leads to the suspension of a Ministry of Magic employee. The unnamed Daily Prophet reporter reveals that the offender is the Minister of Magic's nephew, Rufus Fudge, who did it for a bet. Questions are being asked about the commitment to eradicating anti-Muggle bias in the Ministry (DP2)

Cornelius Fudge is incidentally revealed as a gobstones fan.



While the date printed on DP2 is 8 February 1999, the timeframe for these events is 1992-1993.

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