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Puddlemere United feature

"Mud-brown is very practical but we'd like something a little more striking."
-- Philbert Deverill (DP1)

Puddlemere United feature

Puddlemere United is a small feature article appearing on the Sports page of the Daily Prophet (DP1).

Team manager Philbert Deverill told the Prophet that the Puddlemere United team will be making a change away from their current mud-brown coloured robes to blue ones, as the team needs “a change of image”. He denied that chameleon cloaks were being considered (DP1).



In the book Quidditch Through the Ages, it states that Puddlemere United wear navy-blue robes (QA7). There is no mention of these mud-brown robes (DP1) being changed to a distinctly different shade of blue from navy - kingfisher blue (DP2).

Fans dislike it when teams change their traditional colours or logo - particularly if it means buying whole new sets of replica robes or matching bedding. However, if it means that the team starts winning regularly, it somehow becomes less important.

Although the date printed on the first Daily Prophet Newsletter (DP1) is 31 July 1998, the timeframe for this event is 1992-1993.

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