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Mugglemaniac Maddock must quit Magpies, says McLeod

"I am frankly embarrassed that this once fine Chaser has resorted to hitting non-flying balls into holes in the ground."

-- Cormack McLeod (DP3)

Headline in the Sports section of the Daily Prophet, continuing the saga of Alasdair Maddock’s obsession with Muggle sports (DP3) 

Chaser Alasdair Maddock of the Montrose Magpies quidditch team was sacked by team manager Cormack McLeod prior to the game against Caerphilly Catapults, having been caught trying a Muggle sport that uses "peculiar metal sticks" to hit "non-flying balls into holes in the ground" (golf). The Magpies won the game thanks to replacement Chaser, Angus Campbell (DP3)



While the date printed on DP3 is 1 June 1999, the timeframe for these events is 1992-1993.

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