Cormack McLeod

"I have had no choice but to terminate his contract."
-- Cormack McLeod (DP3)

Cormack McLeod

Cormack McLeod was the manager of the Montrose Magpies Quidditch team in the 1990s.

McLeod tried to defend his Chaser, Alasdair Maddock, after he kicked the Snitch towards the Keeper, resulting in a loss to the Kenmare Kestrels. He threatened to turn Maddock into a jellyfish should anything of the sort happen again (DP2, Pm).

When it became clear that Chaser Maddock’s interest in Muggle sports was again interfering with his play, McLeod fired him from the team (DP3, Pm).



Cormack, a variation of Cormac, comes from Irish Gaelic corb ("raven" or "wheel") and mac ("son"). It was also the name of a third century king of Ireland (Behind the Name).

McLeod is a Scottish surname meaning "son of Leod", deriving from the Norse name Ljotr (ljot-ulf "ugly wolf") (Internet Surname Database).


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Although the dates printed on the Daily Prophet Newsletters are:

  • DP2: 8 February 1999 and
  • DP3: 1 June 1999,

the timeframe for these events is 1992-1993.

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