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History of the Quidditch World Cup

"The ICWQC has the unlucky job of regulating this contentious and anarchic competition." (QWC)

History of the Quidditch World Cup

The History of the Quidditch World Cup appeared in the Daily Prophet on 14 March 2014, before the start of the Quidditch World Cup tournament (QWC).


The article highlights the contents of The Official Guide to the Quidditch World Cup from the International Confederation of Wizards Quidditch Committee (ICWQC).

Topics covered

The role of the ICWQC

The International Statute of Secrecy

How the Tournament Works

Stories from Infamous Tournaments, such as the Attack of the Killer Forest and Royston Idlewind and the Dissimulators

Quidditch World Cups from 1990-2010 and a preview of the 2014 tournament (QWC).

Table of Contents



Lexicon timeline of Quidditch

Lexicon list of World Quidditch teams

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