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Quidditch World Cup 1974 (Royston Idlewind and the Dissimulators)

Quidditch World Cup 1974 (Royston Idlewind and the Dissimulators)

The Quidditch World Cup 1974 tournament is better known as the “Royston Idlewind and the Dissimulators” World Cup.


The entire tournament was played in a feverish and heightened atmosphere, following a controversial wand ban brought in by Idlewind (QWC).

The actual final was played between Syria and Madagascar, and was won by Syrian National Team (QWC).

However, in the competition between the wizarding crowd and Royston Idlewind, the loser was Idlewind (QWC).

Timeline Notes

Quidditch World Cup tournaments take place over several months, with the final match falling in July (as in 2014, QWC) or August (as in 1994, GF8).



Idlewind made the mistake of underestimating the ingenuity of Witches and Wizards affected by an unpopular rule. It must have been a hilarious spectacle.

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