Luciano Volpi

Luciano Volpi

Luciano Volpi is famous Quidditch player (Seeker) from Italy and he featured in an article appearing in the Daily Prophet before the Quidditch World Cup tournament in 2014.

He was accused of transfiguring himself into Bonawentura Wójcik, a Seeker for the Polish National Team in the 2014 tournament. That rumour only ceased when Volpi and Wójcik appeared together in front of journalists (Pm).


A talented Seeker whose skills are in demand



Luciano is derived from the Latin name Lucius (from lux, meaning "light") (Behind the Name).

Volpi is derived from the Italian surname Volpe, meaning "vixen, fox, slyboots" (Dictionary.com).


Perhaps inspired by Ben Jonson's play Volpone (or, The Fox), which is about a sly Venetian named Volpone who uses disguises to take advantage of others. -BB

In spite of his appearance with Seeker Wójcik before the 2014 tournament, the Seeker playing for Poland's team in their first match was instead Wladyslaw Wolfke. Was this new Polish Seeker perhaps Volpi in disguise after all? Poland still lost, so maybe not.

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