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The Harry Potter Canon

"Many older and more experienced witches and wizards felt threatened by fourteen-year-olds who could turn at will into elephants and cheetahs..."
-- Pottermore, Uagadou (Pm)


Transfiguring oneself, a specialty of students at the African school Uagadou (Pm).

References from the canon

  • Using mostly wandless magic, the students of Uagadou become expert Animagi by age 14, turning "at will into elephants and cheetahs," and the The School Team is world-renowned for "synchronized transforming" in groups (Pm).
  • The advanced abilities of the Uagadou students alarmed a Wizard known as Adrian Tutley, whose much smaller gerbil Animagus felt threatened during a "near riot" at the International Symposium of Animagi , so he lodged a formal complaint with the International Confederation of Wizards (Pm).


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