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Uagadou Wizarding School

Uagadou Wizarding School

Uagadou is the largest wizarding school in the world and also the oldest school in Africa. It is located in the Mountains of the Moon, in Uganda (PmJKR:Tw). The school specialises in Astronomy, Alchemy, and Self-Transfiguration. Students at Uagadou are taught in the traditions of wandless magic which were prevalent in Africa before visiting European wizards introduced the wand. The school has been described as “a stunning edifice carved out of the mountainside and shrouded in mist.”

Uagadou has a school Animagi Team. The students are famous for being able to change themselves at will into cheetahs, elephants, and the like.

A famous alum of Uagadou is Babajide Akingbade, who succeeded Albus Dumbledore as the Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards.

Students who attend Uagadou learn that they’ve been accepted into the school by Dream Messenger. The Messenger appears in the child’s dreams. When the child awakes, they are discovered to be clutching a token, often a rock with a symbol on it (Pm).



The graphic of the school on Pottermore does look as if it has been carved out of the mountain.Uagadou

This school is also mentioned in the Book of Potions videogame, produced by Sony from information provided by J K Rowling (BoP).

Uagadou was also included in a section of "Information from Pottermore" in the new editions (2014-15) of the Harry Potter books (BCE).

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