Bloomsbury Children's Editions 2014

Canon information from the 2014 Bloomsbury Children’s Editions of the books which featured fact sheets (most of which was also found on Pottermore) and a professional rendering of the map of the castle and grounds drawn by Rowling and displayed in the extras on the Prisoner of Azkaban DVD.

Bloomsbury Children's Editions 2014
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  • Meñique

    Can you please provide link to where these ‘fact sheets’ can be found on pottermore? (I can’t find them.) I imagine these are not the same as what is referred to as ‘Fact files written by JK. Rowling’ in your Pottermore canon entry. Thank you!

    • ibid

      These fact sheets weren’t found on Pottermore, but were published in the September 2014 Bloomsbury Children editions. The information in them can (mostly) be found on Pottermore.


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