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Changes in Quidditch Since the Fourteenth Century

- Chapter 6
QA6: Changes in Quidditch Since the Fourteenth Century

The rules of Quidditch, and changes in them since the fourteenth century, are discussed.

Calendar and Dates

Zacharius Mumps writes about Quidditch.

The first Quidditch World Cup takes place.

Ban on using wands against the opposing team in a Quidditch match is established.

Quintius Umfraville publishes the book The Noble Sport of Warlocks.

International Confederation of Wizards establishes the right to carry a wand at all times. This time period coincides with the period when wizards were planning their retreat into hiding.

Department of Magical Games and Sports formed.

Interesting facts and notes

Of the remaining ten percent, it is safe to say that most would not occur to even the dirtiest player; for example, 'setting fire to an opponent's broom tail,' "attacking an opponent's broom with a club," "attacking an opponent with an axe." This is not to say that modern Quidditch players never break rules.

Certainly not! Committing fouls seems to be a tactic employed by most Quidditch teams.

"I loved stooging," he sobbed to the Daily Prophet. "Me and me dad like watching them Keepers flattened. I don't want to go to Quidditch no more."
Daily Prophet, 22 June 1884

It also seems that this is what the fans enjoy. And, no wonder, as J K Rowling when asked what she likes most about Quidditch replied: "That would probably be the violence" (RC).

"'T won't be t' same wi'out baskets," said one apple-cheeked old wizard sadly. "I remember when I were a lad, we used to set fire to 'em for a laugh during t' match. You can't do that with goal hoops. 'Alf t' fun's gone."
Daily Prophet, 12 February 1883

Fans don't like change either.

Memorable lines

The full list of these fouls, however, has never been made available to the wizarding public. It is the Department's view that witches and wizards who see the list "might get ideas".

I was fortunate enough to gain access to the documents relating to these fouls while researching this bok and can confirm that no public good can come of their publication.

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