Stooging is outlawed in Quidditch

"I loved stooging. Me and me dad like watching them Keepers flattened. I don't want to go to Quidditch no more."
-- tearful response of a six-year-old fan, quoted in the Daily Prophet, 22 June 1884

Stooging is outlawed in Quidditch

The Department of Magical Games and Sports introduces a new rule that only one Chaser at a time may be within the scoring area. This new rule provokes a strong response from fans who loved seeing opposing Keepers roughed up. The Ministry representative announces the rule this way:

“Instances of stooging have been on the increase. We feel that this new rule will eliminate the severe Keeper injuries we have been seeing only too often. From now on, one Chaser will attempt to beat the Keeper, as opposed to three Chasers beat the Keeper up. Everything will be much cleaner and fairer.”

He is immediately attacked by fans who bombarded him with Quaffles and threaten to stooge the Minister for Magic (QA6).


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