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Ilkley Moor

Friday: Holyhead Harpies versus Puddlemere United. Ministry of Magic seeks to minimize crowd trouble: wands will be confiscated at the gates and the Magical Law Enforcement Squad will be out in force. Ilkley Moor.
-- From the Daily Prophet's Quidditch page (DP3)

Ilkley Moor

Ilkley Moor is an expanse of moorland above the town of Ilkley, located northwest of Leeds in Yorkshire, and was the home of a twelfth-century Quidditch pitch.

This stadium recently hosted a match between Puddlemere United and the Holyhead Harpies. Bad feelings between the two teams threatened to result in violence and the Ministry of Magic took the unusual step of confiscating fans’ wands at the gate (DP), though according to Quidditch Through the Ages, this was actually a violation of the spectators’ civil rights (QA6).


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