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Gunhilda Kneen misses out on a Kwidditch match because of a case of Dragon Pox

How are you? I am well, though Gunhilda has got a touch of dragon pox. We enjoyed a spirited game of Kwidditch last Saturday night, though poor Gunhilda was not up to playing Catcher, and we had to use Radulf the blacksmith instead.
-- Excerpt from a letter written by Goodwin Kneen in the 1100s

Goodwin Kneen of Yorkshire wrote a letter to his cousin Olaf in Norway describing their Kwidditch match against a team from Ilkley.

His wife Gunhilda was to play Catcher but had to sit out the match due to her illness from Dragon Pox. Instead of a the modern Bludger, clubs were used to hit Blooders towards the opposing team – Ugga missed one which hit their teammate Radulf. This was the first match where barrels (donated by the local innkeeper) were used for scoring the goals (QA3).



Ilkley is in West Yorkshire. We don't know from which part of Yorkshire Kneen and his teammates come. Yorkshire is divided into four historical parts. The East Riding is closest to Norway (and cousin Olaf), but they could as likely be from the next nearest town.

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