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"Raduff got a Blooder in the head because old Ugga wasn't quick enough with his club."
-- Goodman Kneen, in a letter to a cousin (QA3)


Blooder is an early Quidditch term for a Bludger (QA3, QA6).

The term was first used in Goodwin Kneen‘s twelfth century letter to his cousin Olaf in Norway to describe the object that had hit his teammate Radulf during the match (QA3).

Modesty Rabnott also refers to players evading Blooders in a letter to her sister Prudence about the disgraceful treatment of a Golden Snidget during a Cuaditch match in 1262 (QA4).

Both letters can be found at the Museum of Quidditch in London (QA3, QA4).



The word "blood" is defined as the red liquid that circulates in bodies of humans and other animals (Oxford English Dictionary).


Blood is likely to be what you get when a Blooder hits you during one of these early Quidditch matches, as they tended to be enchanted flying rocks! (QA6)

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