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Pennifold Quaffle

Pennifold Quaffle

The Quaffle used in modern Quidditch games. The Pennifold Quaffle is bewitched to slow its fall through air to about the speed of falling through water, so that Chasers have a better chance of catching the ball in mid-air, rather than continually retrieving it from the ground (QA6).

This helpful innovation of Daisy Pennifold's came shortly after the 1711 decision to paint Quaffles red so that they could be more easily found after falling to the ground. evolution_of_the_quidditch_quaffle_by_emmanuel_oquendo-d9lj4o3

The word "Quaffle" is used interchangeably with "Pennifold Quaffle".



named after its inventor, Daisy Pennifold

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