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Captain of Quidditch

"Hi, good summer? Listen, I've been made Gryffindor Quidditch Captain."
-- Angelina Johnson (OP12)

Captain of Quidditch

The captain of a Quidditch team is the member tasked with being its leader. Captains fulfil many of the duties, such as coming up with strategies, coaching other players, and managing practice schedules, that might be done by a coach in another sport. A player from any position can be the captain.

It is customary for the captains of the two opposing teams to shake hands with each other just before the beginning of a match (PA9, PA13, PA15, OP19, HBP14, HBP19).

The captain of a Hogwarts Quidditch teams is not always the most senior player on the team (HBP9).

If one is needed, a new captain is chosen by Hogwarts staff before the school year starts. Harry received his Team Captain's badge with the owl bringing his list of books before the start of his sixth year (HBP6).

Known Quidditch team captains:



Professional teams, where there are managers or coaches for the organisational and training side, would expect the team captain to lead by example and speak on behalf of the players.

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