Gwendolyn Morgan

Gwendolyn Morgan

Gwendolyn Morgan was a Quidditch player and the Captain of the Holyhead Harpies team in 1953.

After her Seeker, Glynnis Griffiths, caught the Snitch to give them the victory in a hard-fought seven-day match, the captain of the Heidelberg Harriers, Rudolf Brand, proposed marriage immediately he landed on the ground. Morgan hit him on the head with her Cleansweep 5 (and refused) (QA7).


Stamina and endurance, knows her own mind



Gwendolyn is a Welsh name meaning "white ring" (gwen "white", dolen "ring") (Behind the Name).

The surname Morgan derives from the given name Morcant, which became the name Morgan during the medieval period. Y môr means "the sea" in Welsh. The name Morgan is thought to mean "sea chief" or "sea defender" (Internet Surname Database).

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