Gwendolyn Morgan

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The Harry Potter Canon
Gwendolyn Morgan

Quidditch player and Captain of the Holyhead Harpies team in 1953.

After her Seeker, Glynnis Griffiths, caught the Snitch to give them the victory in a hard-fought seven-day match, the captain of the Heidelberg Harriers, Rudolf Brand, proposed marriage immediately he landed on the ground. Morgan hit him on the head with her Cleansweep 5 (and refused) (QA7).


Stamina and endurance, knows her own mind



Gwendolyn is a Welsh name meaning "white ring" (gwen "white", dolen "ring") (Behind the Name).

The surname Morgan derives from the given name Morcant, which became the name Morgan during the medieval period. Y môr means "the sea" in Welsh. The name Morgan is thought to mean "sea chief" or "sea defender" (Internet Surname Database).

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