Darren O’Hare

Darren O’Hare

Darren O’Hare played Keeper for the Kenmare Kestrels, an Irish Quidditch team, from 1947 to 1960 (QA7).

O’Hare served as Captain of the Irish National Team. During his career he also invented the Hawkshead Attacking Formation as a tactic for Chasers (QA7).

He was an admirer of the Heidelberg Harriers team of Germany, who he said were “fiercer than a dragon and twice as clever” (QA8).


Inventor and leader; played Quidditch professionally for at least 13 years



Darren is a Gaelic Irish boy's name meaning "a great man/a gift of God" (Quick Baby Names), although its origin is unclear as it may also be an adaptation of the name Darrell (Behind the Name).
O'Hare is an Irish clan surname, derived from the Gaelic O'hEir meaning "the male descendant of the angry one" (Internet Surname Database).


He is likely to have invented the Hawkshead Attacking Formation from his experience playing as a Keeper - knowing what he would least like to see heading towards him and the goal hoops on the Quidditch pitch.

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