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Dumbledore's Army

- Chapter 18

"Yeah, the D.A.'s good. Only let's make it stand for Dumbledore's Army because that's the Ministry's worst fear, isn't it?"
-- Ginny Weasley (OP18)

OP18: Dumbledore’s Army

Harry again dreams of the windowless corridor with the door at the end, Dobby tells Harry about the Room of Requirement, and Dumbledore’s Army meets for the first time.

Calendar and Dates

We know the previous chapter was Monday, 7 October. Since this chapter takes place over the next two days, it must be Tuesday and Wednesday, 8-9 October.

Interesting facts and notes

The chapter title reflects one of the main events of the chapter: the naming of "Dumbledore's Army", which occurs during the first official meeting of the organisation itself.

"Dobby knows the perfect place, sir!" he said happily. "Dobby heard tell of it from the other house-elves when he came to Hogwarts, sir. It is known by us as the Come and Go Room, sir, or else as the Room of Requirement!"

Thanks to Dobby's suggestion, Harry will find that the Room of Requirement is perfect for the DA's meetings. the end of dinner he was confident that the news had been passed to every one of the twenty-five people who had turned up in the Hog's Head.

See OP16. Two of those present in the Hog's Head are not mentioned by name in this chapter: Hannah Abbott (Ernie Macmillan's best friend) and Padma Patil, Parvati's twin sister.

At half-past seven Harry, Ron, and Hermione left the Gryffindor common room...

The entrance to which is on the seventh floor (U.K. reckoning; what in the U.S. would be called the eighth floor).

HR- Seventh Floor

Fifth-years were allowed to be out in the corridors until nine o'clock...

This is one of the earliest mentions in the book of specific curfews for students, and that older students have more freedom of movement at night than the younger students.

Filch is on the second floor...

What in the U.S. would be referred to as the third floor.

...and Mrs. Norris is on the fourth.

What in the U.S. would be referred to as the fifth floor. enormous tapestry depicting Barnabas the Barmy's foolish attempt to train trolls for the ballet.

'Barmy' is a good word, all right. Trolls? Ballet? Oh dear.

...a spacious room with flickering torches like those that illuminated the dungeons eight floors below.

So the entrance of the Room of Requirement is on the same floor as the entrance to the Gryffindor common room - the seventh (UK).

"Yeah, the DA's good," said Ginny. "Only let's make it stand for Dumbledore's Army, because that's the Ministry's worst fear, isn't it?"

Ginny is proved spectacularly correct when Marietta Edgecombe betrays the DA to Professor Umbridge. The name of the organisation is sufficient to turn the ire of Cornelius Fudge and his minions from Harry over to Albus Dumbledore (OP27).

"But if you think it's beneath you, you can leave," Harry said.

An excellent point is being made here; the more experienced someone is at a given subject, the more they're likely to realize the importance of mastering the basics as opposed to flashy stuff.

Predictably, Neville was left partnerless.
"You can practice with me," Harry told him.

This becomes routine in later meetings, so that Neville Longbottom is normally Harry's partner from now on. And since Neville is working directly with the teacher, it's not surprising that his spellwork begins to improve. see that they returned safely to their dormitories: the Hufflepuffs to the basement corridor that led to the kitchens; the Ravenclaws to a tower on the west side of the castle, and the Gryffindors along the corridor to the Fat Lady's portrait.

So both the Hufflepuff and Slytherin dormitories are at dungeon level, while Gryffindor and Ravenclaw each have a tower. We have not at this point actually seen Ravenclaw Tower and we won't until the last book.

Exceptional character moments

Dobby, who doesn't mind doing all the work of cleaning Gryffindor Tower - and accepting/acquiring Hermione's elf-clothing.

Hermione, whose final doubts about the Room of Requirement vanish when she finds it full of hundreds of books.

The Hogwarts house-elves, who find Hermione's continual efforts to give them clothes insulting.

Memorable lines

"I can't see any boils," said Ron, staring at the twins.
"No, well, you wouldn't," said Fred darkly, "they're not in a place we generally display to the public."

"I mean … well, I think he'd love to be forming secret Defence societies right under the nose of someone from the Ministry … I think he's really frustrated at how little he can do where he is … so I think he's keen to kind of … egg us on." [Hermione about Sirius]

"She [Winky] still does not care for clothes, Harry Potter. Nor do the other house-elves. None of them will clean Gryffindor Tower any more, not with the hats and socks hidden everywhere, they finds them insulting, sir. Dobby does it all himself, sir, but Dobby does not mind, sir, for he always hopes to meet Harry Potter and tonight, sir, he has got his wish!"

"Oh, please," said Zacharias Smith, rolling his eyes and folding his arms. "I don't think Expelliarmus is exactly going to help us against You-Know-Who, do you?"
"I've used it against him," said Harry quietly. "It saved my life in June."

Words and phrases

Characters Introduced

OP 18 — Dumbledore's Army
Abbreviation OP18: Dumbledore's Army
Canonicity Primary Canon


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