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Justin Finch-Fletchley

“My name was down for Eton, you know. I can’t tell you how glad I am I came here instead. Of course, Mother was slightly disappointed, but since I made her read Lockhart’s books I think she’s begun to see how useful it’ll be to have a fully trained wizard in the family…”
-- Justin Finch-Fletchley (CS6)

Justin Finch-Fletchley

A member of Dumbledore’s Army, this curly-haired Muggle-born wizard was down for the exclusive Muggle school Eton until he got the letter from Hogwarts (so it is quite likely that his parents are very wealthy). Justin was threatened by a snake at the Duelling Club until Harry called it off, thus publicly revealing his status as a Parselmouth. Justin was Petrified by the Basilisk on December 18, 1992.



The hyphenated surname is indicative of the upper-class status of Justin's family.

In British tradition, a double surname is heritable, and mostly taken in order to preserve a family name which would have become extinct due to the absence of male descendants bearing the name, connected to the inheritance of a family estate. (Wikipedia)

"Justin" - from Latin Iustinus, literally "just" or "fair"

"Finch" = a small seed-eating bird, such as a sparrow or goldfinch. "Finch" is the name of Atticus Finch, the fair-minded attorney in Harper Lee's novel To Kill a Mockingbird, which has the same themes of profiling and prejudice as Chamber of Secrets.

"fletch" = to make arrows, and usually feathers were added to help them fly through the air (such as finch feathers)


Justin is played in the movies by Edward Randell IMDB

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