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Colin Creevey

Colin Creevey

Colin Creevey was a very excitable, rather short boy with mousy brown hair who was just tickled to death to discover that he was a wizard and to find out about Hogwarts (his father is a Muggle milkman, so Colin is Muggle-born). Colin is very excited to know the famous Harry Potter and in his first year took a lot of pictures of his idol. He even asked Harry to sign one, but Harry refused (CS5, CS6). Colin has been known to follow Harry around or to say “All right, Harry?” every time he sees him, just to hear Harry respond. Colin’s heart is in the right place, certainly, but he does tend to get run over once in a while in the rush of events. He was Petrified by the basilisk in November of his first year, and wasn’t cured until late May (CS). Colin and his little brother Dennis both joined Dumbledore’s Army in October 1995, and learned to do defensive and some offensive magic from Harry (OP16).

When it was time to set up defense of the castle in the Battle of Hogwarts, Colin snuck into the castle with the rest of the DA, intent on fighting (BLC). However, when he tried to stay even though he was a sixth year and underage, McGonagall made him leave. He snuck back in and joined the fighting anyway. Colin was killed on the lawn outside the front door of the castle. Neville and Oliver Wood carried his body into the Great Hall during a lull in the fighting (DH34).

The Creeveys appear to be a close family. Colin took a lot of pictures in his first year because he was sending them home to his father, to show him what it was like (CS5, CS6). As soon as Dennis arrived at Hogwarts, the two brothers became very much a double act, rather than Colin treating Dennis as a two-year-younger tagalong (GF12).


Dad- Muggle milkman

Brother - Dennis Creevey.

Colin Creevey
Gender Male
Dates b. circa 1981 - d. May 2nd 1998
Species / Race Wizard
Blood Status Muggle-born
Hair Mousy brown
School Hogwarts - Gryffindor
Family Groups Creevey family
First Introduced CS5: The Whomping Willow



"Creeve" ="to burst," suggesting the Creevey brothers' excitability


Note: Rowling was asked how Colin was allowed to attend Hogwarts in 1997, as he was a Muggle-born. She responded:

"Colin wasn't a student. He sneaked back with the rest of the DA, along with Fred, George and the rest. He ought not to have stayed behind when McGonagall told him to leave, but alas - he did." (BLC)

Colin only appears in one of the films - Chamber of Secrets.

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