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Colin retrieves Harry from Potions for the Weighing of the Wands

Colin Creevey interrupts a particularly unpleasant period of Double Potions with the task of retrieving Harry for some sort of Tournament-related business. Snape angrily tells Harry to leave, and Colin leads Harry to the classroom where the Weighing of the Wands will take places (GF18).

Timeline Notes

Time: We know from GF18 that Double Potions is the class immediately after lunch, that it lasts one-and-a-half hours, and that Harry is retrieved from class for the Weighing of the Wands when there is still an hour left of Potions class. This puts this event in the very early afternoon.

Colin Creevey retrieves Harry from Potions
Date November 13th, 1994
Certainty Inferred from canon
Type of Event Wizarding world


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