Colin Creevey’s camera

"D'you think – would it be all right if – can I have a picture?"... "So I can prove I've met you,"...

Colin Creevey, asking Harry Potter for permission to photograph him

Colin Creevey’s camera

Colin Creevey’s camera appears to be a Muggle device. Since it works at Hogwarts, it must not have any electrical parts. During Colin’s first year he took plenty of pictures of Harry, much to Harry’s chagrin. Although the camera is itself non-magical, the pictures Colin takes do move because he develops them with a special potion (CS6). Alternatively, the camera itself may be a Muggle camera but enchanted to work taking magical photographs.

When Colin encountered the basilisk he was not killed, but merely petrified because he saw the monster through his camera (CS10).

During his first year, Colin used his camera to take pictures of the wizarding world to send to his younger brother, Dennis (CS5, CS6).

Potions Connection

Although the camera is itself non-magical, the pictures Colin takes do move because he develops them with a special potion (CS6).



Colin and his camera first arrived at Hogwarts in 1992. If one of Harry's children were to have a peer who was a similarly excited Muggle-born classmate, that student might ask for permission to take selfies with noteworthy fellow students, rather than pictures of just them.

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