Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

- Book 6
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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the sixth book in the series.

The book marked a turning point in the series for fans. Rowling shifted her writing toward revealing the answers to all the many mysteries she had built up over the earlier five books. She considers books six and seven, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, as almost two parts of the same book, as Harry learns what it will take to destroy Voldemort and sets out on his extended quest to do so.

Published in the UK and US on 16 July 2005.


HBP1 – The Other Minister
HBP2 – Spinner’s End
HBP3 – Will and Won’t
HBP4 – Horace Slughorn
HBP5 – An Excess of Phlegm
HBP6 – Draco’s Detour
HBP7 – The Slug Club
HBP8 – Snape Victorious
HBP9 – The Half-Blood Prince
HBP10 – The Hour of Gaunt
HBP11 – Hermione’s Helping Hand
HBP12 – Silver & Opals
HBP13 – The Secret Riddle
HBP14 – Felix Felicis
HBP15 – The Unbreakable Vow
HBP16 – A Very Frosty Christmas
HBP17 – A Sluggish Memory
HBP18 – Birthday Surprises
HBP19 – Elf Tails
HBP20 – Lord Voldemort’s Request
HBP21 – The Unknowable Room
HBP22 – After the Burial
HBP23 – Horcruxes
HBP24 – Sectumsempra
HBP25 – The Seer Overheard
HBP26 – The Cave
HBP27 – The Lightning-Struck Tower
HBP28 – Flight of the Prince
HBP29 – The Phoenix Lament
HBP30 – The White Tomb


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Interesting facts and notes

When Rowling first put the title on her website it was written "Half Blood" Prince. Soon afterward she changed the title on her site to the more grammatically correct "Half-Blood" Prince, which is how it was published.

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The Harry Potter novels
Book 6 — Half-Blood Prince
Dimensions 168,923 words
Abbreviation HBP
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Rowling's comments about the book:

Aug 15, 2004:

At the moment, I really like how the sixth book is going. A lot happens in the sixth book and a lot of questions are answered. I really have a sense that we are nearly there and it is time for answers, not more questions and clues, although obviously there are a few clues as I am not quite finished yet. I hope that that is sufficiently frustrating for you, knowing that you can't read it yet! (EBF)

She wrote on her website on 15 March 2004:

Book six is well underway, hooray, though I am still at the stage where I have a large and complicated chart propped on the desk in front of me to remind me what happens where, how, to whom and which bits of crucial information need to be slipped into which innocent-looking chapters.

I started writing Harry Potter Six before my son David (who has just turned one) was born, but then took a bit of a break during the serious sleep-deprivation phase of his babyhood. I am really enjoying writing this book, though for the first time I am conscious that I am approaching the end of the series. So much of what happens in book six relates to book seven that I feel almost as though they are two halves of the same novel (JKR).

About the first chapter of the book:

"I have come close to using a chapter very like this in Philosopher's Stone (it was one of the discarded first chapters), Prisoner of Azkaban and Order of the Phoenix but here, finally, it works, so it's staying. And that's all I'm going to say, but when you read it, just know that it's been about thirteen years in the brewing."

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