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The Dursleys Depart

- Chapter 3

"I don't think you're a waste of space." -- Dudley Dursley

DH3: The Dursleys Departing

Vernon Dursley is reluctant for the family to flee Privet Drive. Harry explains to the Dursleys why they are in danger and Dudley tell his parents he wants to leave with Hestia Jones and Dedalus Diggle from the Order. Dudley surprises everyone by asking why Harry isn’t going with them. He tells Harry that he doesn’t think he is a waste of space because he saved him from the Dementors. Dudley shakes Harry’s hand and the Durleys depart to a safe house.

Calendar and Dates

Same day as the previous chapter.

Interesting facts and notes

Harry was sure that in that instant they were both wondering the same thing.

Personally, I suppose Harry would have tried to rescue them, but possibly with some internal "do I really have to?" monologue that might have been amusing. After all, he saved Dudley once (OP1).

'If we'd even seen CVs...'

(BH) "CV" stands for Curriculum Vitae, which is like a resume. This implies that Uncle Vernon is questioning the credentials and qualifications of the Order members assigned to protect them.

Exceptional character moments

The fact that the Dursleys have somewhat taken to Kingsley on the strength of his having been on television with the Prime Minister and having mastered the art of dressing in relatively conservative Muggle clothing.

Dudley, asking what is going to happen to Harry (and the fact that his parents did not ask says a lot about them).

Memorable lines

"It was so very typical of his uncle to put his hopes in the establishment, even within this world that he despised and mistrusted."

"'Why isn't he coming with us?' Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia froze where they stood, staring at Dudley as though he had just expressed a desire to become a ballerina."

"Aunt Petunia burst into tears. Hestia Jones gave her an approving look which changed to outrage as Aunt Petunia ran forwards and embraced Dudley rather than Harry."

"Take care, Big D."

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