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Pocket Watch

A wizarding pocket watch may have an unusual number of hands, or have symbols other than numbers along the edge of the face, or both.

  • It's traditional to give a wizard a watch when he comes of age (DH7).
  • Dumbledore's pocket watch has twelve hands. Instead of having numbers, little planets move along the edge of the face (PS1).
  • Ron received a similar but not identical watch for his seventeenth birthday, with tiny moving stars instead of hands and with odd symbols around the edge of the face. It had been bought new (HBP18, DH7).
  • Harry received a gold watch similar but not identical to Ron's for his seventeenth birthday, with stars circling around the face instead of hands. It had previously belonged to Molly Weasley's brother Fabian Prewitt and was a bit dented on the back (DH7).
  • Daedalus Diggle has an immense pocket watch, which will screech, 'Hurry up!' if it looks like he's running late for something (DH3).


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