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Non-magical equipment

Witches and wizards use some non-magical items in their daily lives. Hogwarts students are required to purchase a selection of non-magical equipment which they will use as they study at school:

  • a bookbag
  • While cauldrons in general may be magical in themselves or not, students are required to have an ordinary pewter cauldron of standard size 2 (PS5).
  • Items of clothing including robes, gloves, and a pointed black hat.
  • phials (either glass or crystal) (PS5)
  • quills, ink, and parchment
  • brass scales for weighing potion ingredients (PS5)
  • telescope (PS5)

Some of these items must be replaced as they are used up over the school year. Hermione, for example, purchases new quills at Scrivenshaft’s in Hogsmeade. However, Hogwarts does provide basic versions some of these supplies.



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