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The Harry Potter Canon

"Of course, he might have crawled into the airing cupboard and died... but I mustn't get my hopes up..."
-- Sirius Black, speaking of Kreacher (OP23)

Airing Cupboard

A cupboard for airing linen and clothing (NSOED). Similar to U.S. “linen closet.”

Sirius supposes that Kreacher might have curled up and died in the airing cupboard at 12 Grimmauld Place (OP23).

In fact, Kreacher had left the house after being ordered to get out by Sirius (OP22). He immediately ran to Narcissa and Bellatrix, which led to the Battle at the Department of Mysteries (OP37).



An airing cupboard is a type of linen closet that typically contains a water heater and has slatted shelves to allow the heat from the boiler to circulate throughout the cupboard, keeping the stored linen free from damp.

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