"Excellent for chilled pumpkin juice, but not ideal for hot tea."
-- Book of Spells (BoS)

Golden goblets are used on the tables in the Great Hall at Hogwarts (PS7)

  • Usually filled with pumpkin juice, more rarely, orange juice (PS7, CS5, PA5, GF12, GF15).
  • Snape may have used one of these to bring Lupin his smoking Wolfsbane Potion (PA8)
  • There were also goblets at Grimmauld Place made from "fifteenth-century goblin-wrought silver,
    embossed with the Black family crest" (OP5). These were later stolen by Mundungus Fletcher (HBP12, DH10).



"goblet" = large, handle-less, crater-shaped drinking vessel" from Old French gobelet "goblet, cup" - related to Irish "gob" for "mouth" - also related to "gulp"

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