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Staff room wardrobe

"In here. Let's hear what it's all about. Then we can tell them what we've found out."
-- Harry to Ron, just before climbing into the wardrobe (CS16)

Staff room wardrobe

The staff room wardrobe is a large, ugly piece of furniture found in the teachers’ staff room on the ground floor. The teachers keep their robes in that wardrobe. Harry and Ron hid in the wardrobe when they had figured out where the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets was and wanted to tell McGonagall. While they were in the staff room, an emergency was declared and all the teachers came into the staff room at once. The boys quickly decided to hide and hear what the emergency was before revealing themselves and telling what they’d figured out (CS16).  This is the wardrobe in which a Boggart took up residence in the fall of 1993. Professor Lupin used it to teach the third-years how to combat a Boggart. (PA7)


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