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Wolfsbane Potion

"... during the year I taught at Hogwarts, Severus made the Wolfsbane Potion for me every month, made it perfectly, so that I did not have to suffer as I usually do at the full moon."
-- Remus Lupin (HBP16)

Wolfsbane Potion

The Wolfsbane Potion is taken by a werewolf to help during their time of transformation. While this potion doesn’t cure lycanthropy, it does prevent the extremely dangerous dementia which would otherwise accompany the transformation from human into werewolf.


Includes aconite, also known as wolfsbane or monkshood.

References from the canon

  • A fairly recent invention, very difficult to brew. Snape makes it for Lupin (PA18OP22, HBP16). It was served in a "smoking goblet" and apparently tasted terrible (PA18). Harry thought Snape was trying to poison Lupin.
  • Invented by Marcus Belby's uncle Damocles, who received the Order of Merlin (HBP7)
  • Remus had no chance of trying the Wolfsbane Potion until Dumbledore offered him a job as a professor at Hogwarts. The ingredients were too expensive and to sample it, Lupin would have to admit to authorities that he was a werewolf (Pm).



from wolf + bane; a translation of Latin lycoctonum, from Greek lykotonon, from lykos "wolf" + base of kteinein "to kill."

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